A few blanks I need help with.

Hi Bruce,

1 & 2- Are these headstamped? A better picture would help.
3 - .380 Revolver/9x17R blank made by Fiocchi. Boxes are labeled “380 Salve”, “380 Blank” or “380 Salve-Blank”, no mention of “9x17R”.
4 - .380 Auto blank made by SFM (boxes with label “à podre seule”).
5 - 9 x 17 R Cattle-killer device blank made by Považské Strojárne, národný podnik, Považská Bystrica (Nábojov do jatočného prístroja Kal. 9 mm). The yellow primer sealant identifies a load for medium size animals.
6 - Dimensions? Looks like a .41 Short Colt D.A. blank.
7 - 9 mm Danish Ordnance Revolver M/80-82-85 blank made by HL (Løspatron).
8 - Looks like a .45 Auto movie blank made from a Belgian 7x49 case.



Edit: Number 4 looks too long for being a .380 Auto. Anyway, same identification would apply to a 9 mm Parabellum.

#7: HL meaning Haerens Laboratorium = The army laboratory.


Thanks guys.
Fede 1&2 have no headstamp.