Blockbuster bomb in Koblenz

Looks like they discovered an unexploded Blockbuster bomb at the Rhine river bed in Koblenz. Probably the 4,000 lb variety based on the 10-foot length estimate and mention of it being 1.8 tons. The article says they are evacuating 45,000 people - wow:

DK, Looks like you answered a question that had been asked on the BOCN as to whether the 4000 pdr had been used operationally by the 8th AF. Copied and pasted your post with credits going to you. Thanks, Bruce.

I more or less assumed it was that bomb since that is the only 4,000 bomb (1.8 ton) listed as being in frequent use by the allies that I could find. I don’t know much about who or when as far as being dropped, but I assume U.S. in 1944/45.

What makes you believe that it was dropped by the 8th AF?

The RAF bombed Koblenz also, e.g. on 29/12/44 some 192 bombers attacked.

Couldn’t it be one of the ‘cookies’ based on sea mines? One of those fell on Vejle, Denmark in 1942 I think (have to look it up) ruined houses in a 200 yard radius…

You beat me to it Tony. 4,000 pounders were a regular British load for our bombers, especially later in the war.


As our English cousins have guessed, the bomb ends up being a British bomb and was so noted in later news and on the BOCN. Cheers, Bruce.