Bloem Primer?

Anyone know what a Bloom primer is? I think that is how it’s spelled. It’s a very small primer made by Winchester, I believe. What’s it’s purpose, etc.?


Ray: Any idea of what period of time we’re speaking of? Jack


Not specifically, but say, modern, last 50 years or so?


Hello Ray, I don’t know which was the original source of the so-called “Bloom” primer (Winchester’s in-house designation?) but it was probably a wrongly spelled “Bloem”, refering to the type of primer with arrow shaped anvil designed by Gustav Bloem (and made by Braun & Bloem). These are reported to be ignition experiments starting c. 1961-62 with the smallest possible primer.

This .110" (2,79 mm) primer was patented on February 22, 1966 by W. B. Woodring, Richard J. Shellnutt, Merton L. Robinson and Paul S. Foster. The patent was assigned to the Unites States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army and it was submitted on April 22, 1963. An apparatus for assembling the primer anvil was designed by Louis F. Charlo and a patent was assigned on June 8, 1965 to Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation (submitted Abril 19, 1963).

I’m aware of the following cartridges made with this primer:

.38 Special
.195 Winchester Experimental
.223 Remington
7,62 x 51

Hi Ray,

It is a 'Bloem ’ primer. I’ve seen a box (sorry, no picture) and to add to Fede’s post, here’s a sectioned one.


GREAT! Thanks Fede and Paul. I not only got a descriptin but I also got a sketch and a photo. And a correction on the spelling. What more could a guy ask for in less than an hour. :) :)


the Bloem primer is German as Fede notes & it used an arrow shaped anvil & had the small diameter of the one associated with the light rifle case Paul sectioned.
Right now I don’t have the time but tomorrow I’ll photograph an East Alton staff meeting, piece of original art work I have showing various primer types. It is dated 2-12-70 and the arrow shaped anvil is noted to be a “BLOEHM No. 175”.
This anvil is slightly different that the German Bloem primer.

c u tomorrow, watch this space, or the next one.

Box dated 1962


u 3primers

The original “Bloem” primer with the arrow-shaped anvil has been around for 130 years and was patented in 1881 in England by Frank Wirth who was the patent solicitor (attorney) for Braun & Bloem. Patent number was #5/1881. I have never found the German patent for it. It was used extensively by Braun & Bloem in their pistol ammunition and, I’m told, Kynoch also used it in some of their own rifle rounds. I suspect it was used elsewhere but that’s out of my field.

This is the drawing illustrated in Bloem’s 1881 patent mentioned by Chris:

Thanks, I was just wondering why you would not use regular ammunition to test an action, unless if is a high pressure proof test.
A very interesting primer.

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