Blow-Forward machine gun?

I know well of semi-automatic pistols using the ‘Blow-Forward’ operation such as the Mannlicher M1894, Hino-Komuro M1908 and Schwarzlose M1908, but has this peration ever been considered to be used in weapons such as Machine Guns etc?.

Earlier on, i came across this report about a Machine Gun concept using this operation:

[quote]In 1917, an inventor arrived at Springfield Armoury with a machine gun made to fire the Krag army cartridge, having the framework of the gun solidly fixed and the barrel loosly mounted so that it could move forward against the action of a spring when the gun was fired. This gun operated, but it was necessary to grease the cartridge case to prevent the front part of the case, expanded by the cartridge pressure, from sticking to the barrel as it moved forward.

While nothing came of this effort, it should be noted that several automatic pistols, notably the Schwarzlose and a model by Von Mannlicher have been constructed on this principle.[/quote]

Source, Page 38: … t&resnum=3

The Swiss AK53 rifle also used this system, and it worked after a fashion, but in general, I think it caused as many problems as it solved, so they dropped work on it in favour of the Stg57.