Blown and Melted Tracers


First picture is 7.62x54r Egyptian burnt tracer and one that the mixture fell out while cutting. Notice that they even copper wash inside of tracer cup.
Second picture is a couple of 7.62x39 Yugoslovian tracers that went completely off. They burn hot enough that it melts the lead at the tip of projectile.
Third, top is a .303 flame tracer that burnt so hot it melted almost all the lead out. The tracers are so bright, its almost impossible not to look at them. They smoke like a champ, and tried to get it out the door quickly as possible. Noticed that melted lead drops were everywhere just after. I was wearing flip flops!
The bottom projectile on bottom is a 7.62 again. This is the 1st round that I ever cut. Just after this, started using water. Hard to keep that steel cool while cutting. It was set off just barely touching.
The only other problem that is encountered is de-activating the primer. Treat them with oil, water, strike the back with pin/hammer. Its best with pin/hammer becuse you know, not waiting, wondering if or when it will go off. Sometimes I think its loader than the cartridge firing in the gun!
Won’t say how its done, but I DO NOT hold any thing in my hands while cutting, grinding, sanding, or polishing. Almost lost a couple of fingers to a wood saw, don’t need something stupid like melting them too!
If some one has a question that can’t be awnsered here, please email me. You can only benefit from my mistakes, and I don’t want to see anyone hurt! Wolfie (kevin)


Wow, good reminder of why I refuse to do this! I love cutaways, but I see so many bad things happen. It also surprises me how often I find special purpose ammo with the color worn off of the tip, no telling what you are messing with.


Just do not use power driven tools.