Blue tip 30-06

Pic 1 shows a blue tip bullet which is mildly magnetic. I think it is a M1 Incendiary, the magnetic reading would be the steel case inside of the bullet. The depth of the hole should be to the tip of the bullet if the compound has been removed. I can only assume that the drilling that someone did would have caused the incendiary compound to fully burn out. It does not look like the compound was ignited and there is no heat staining on the bullet case and the blue tip is not discoloured by heat. So what do I have?

Pic 2 The blue paint on the bullet is more than a tip colour, the paint extends 15.1 & 15.2mm from the tip down the bullet body. In Chris Punnett’s book it mentions St Louis incendiary with .303 bullets swaged into 30-06 cases. I dont think they are 303 bullets. They are very magnitic.

Paul, the incendiary compound in this bullet is in the nose and would have occupied about a third of the bullet length. It is a compressed fine grey powder. Drilling in from the back of the bullet (it was likely me who did this!) as far as the powder would not cause it to ignite and the powder could simply be tapped out through the hole.

Picture 2 I think these are .303 incendiaries.

personally I think the blue tipped SL rounds are target markers and not swagged 303 incendiary bullets.


Regarding pic.2 I think René is correct. Your bullets are too light for .303 incendiaries which should weigh about 168gn. Incendiaries would also have a steel base disc.

What René refers to is putting paint on the bullet to have it leaving some of the paint on a paper target.
That is, for example, a method to tell the impact of the first, second, third shot of a machine gun burst apart on a paper target by using different colors.
In other words, these are not special bullets, just ordinary types having been painted during some trials.

…Morning Gents, thank you for the response…Paul.