Blue tip 8x59 Breda


What does a blue tip mean on Italian 8x59 Breda rounds?


Incendiary round


Thanks Pivi.

Can anyone post a diagram or even better sectioned projectile for this round?


Look here … mitstart=1

No section but may be the right guy to talk to.
Bullet containes white phosporus


Bullet containes white phosporus[/quote]

No, aluminium + magnesium mixture powder.


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Does the blue tipped round have a weep hole or is the phosphorous released on impact? I do not have any of these rounds in my posession, I have only seen them.

There is a round on there headstamped “K” at 12 O’Clock that the site says was made by Kynoch. Why would Kynoch have produced this calibre?


Kynoch is not known to have made 8x59Breda, unless it was for some Post war-contract to a country(Greece?) which had war-surplus Breda guns.

India did make some during WW II (training use) for Guns captured by British Forces in East Africa (Ethiopia) 1941, which subsequenly went to India (See Labett, “Cartridge” Notes relating to Ammo made for War Booty rifles and MGs in India (Italian). Headstamp “K^F” (Khirkee) or even “K”).

Italy had two “Perforanti-Speciali” ( effectively AP-I) colours, Green and Blue, depending on the incendiary composition
( Air Force); The colour sceme would have been the same for Army Ammo ( 8x59RB was NOT an Airforce Calibre–they used 7,7mm (.303).)

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and the .303 green tipped is pretty darn scarce compared to the blue (in the circles I run)…is that true else where ?



And in the Great War the Italian air force used the 6.5m/m in Revelli MGs, along with .303 in Lewis guns and the Vickers. Jack


IN WW I Italy also used stripped down Austrian Schwarzelose MGs (8x50R) for the heavier Bullet capacity.
( Bomber flown by Gabriele D’Annunzio (Poet , Author and Adventurer) carried a Pair of MG07/12 Stripped of the water jacket, with a perforated barrel sleeve, during his “leaflet raids” over Vienna and other Austrian cities.

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