Blue Winchester 9mmP box by Western

The blue Winchester box like that below were loaded by both Winchester New Haven CT and by Western in Alton IL. My Western loaded blue boxes were both empty when I got them.

Does anyone have a Blue box loaded by Western (it will have an “A” before the load date code stamped inside the end flap with codes like “A41 22” or “A91 22”)?? If you have this type of 9mm Luger box loaded by Western, please post an image of the headstamp.

These blue boxes were used for 9mm Luger as early as 1930, and were replaced by the Blue and Yellow box for the truncated FMJ load no later than 1936. The Blue boxes for the Truncated Hollow Point loads continued to be used as late as 1941. I have Blue boxes with HP loads dated 1936 and 1940. I have also documented one dated June 1941. The 1940 & 1941 boxes have the WRA 9M-M headstamp typical of WWII military contract ammunition. The earlier rounds are all headstamped WRACo 9M/M LUGER.

John M, I believe you also have one of these boxes from November 1941 (code “111 17”). Can you confirm the headstamp is WRA 9M-M and the bullet is a Truncated HP???

Any help on these blue 9mm boxes would be appreciated. If you have one, please let me know the date code.

Finally, there are Winchester 9mm Luger truncated GM color bullet loads, both HP & FMJ, with post-WWII cases headstamped “WRA 9M/M LUGER”. Does anyone have the box for either of these cartridges???



First to the Blue boxes with white banners with red print in them. My box marked “Oilproof” on the curve of the bottom of the top label is 111 17. It is truncated GM HP bullet with W.R.A. 9M-M headstamp.

My second blue box, which does not have the “Oilproof” stamping, is for the Full Patch truncated bullet. It is date code (lot number?) A91 22, and therefore is loaded by Western. Its headstamp is W R A 9 M/M LUGER. It has a domed nickel primer with red primer seal.

I have a box the is blue on the top of the top label and l\yellow on the bottom and sides, with end flaps externally marked with the K9001T index number. It has the 125 grain (not 124 on the label)Full Patch GM Truncated bullet. Headstamp is W.R.A.CO. 9M/M LUGER. Date code 111 14
Primer is with nickel flat cup, and a purple seal. The case, unlike the one marked WRA 9MM LUGER, has no case cannelure. The round from the blue box 111 17 also has no case cannelure, the norm for cases headstamped W.R.A. 9 M-M. One bug in the info for this box. It also contains one round of the same description load, but with the W.R.A. 9 M-M headstamp. This signifies to me that at one time I got an identical box in all ways, EXCEPT PROBABLY THE DATE CODE, IN WHICH I never had much interest believing it to be just a lot number, with the second headstamp in it. At that time, I did not keep identical boxes with two different variants of headstamp, but rather just kept one round of each headstamp in whichever box was in better condition. Now I don’t do that. I know it confuses the issue for you to a great deal, but nothing I can do about it now. Live and learn. I simply don’t know which of the two round is specifically original to the exact box that I retained, which could well be a different date code than the one that I discarded. Sorry about that.


Great info! Many thanks. I thought my two boxes ( “A41 22” & “A91 22”) were dated April 1931 and Sept 1931 respectively. Your box with both the WRA 9M-M and WRA 9M/M LUGER headstamps means these boxes are from 1941 or 1951.

My last sentence in the original post indicates that Truncated Cone HP and FMJ loads were produced at some point after WWII. The two rounds in my collections have headstamps indicating that they were produced by Western, not Winchester.

My guess is that the two Blue boxes ( “A41 22” & “A91 22”) probably once help the two truncated bullet loads with the “WRA 9M/M LUGER” headstamp. I strongly suspect these loads were made in 1951. A great new insight. Many thanks!!!

I would really appreciate any other information on these Blue Winchester boxes in 9mm Luger. Somebody other than John must have one!!!


I just learned there is another version of the Blue box illustrated above. I don’t have a photo of it, but the only obvious difference is the banner across the bottom of the front label. An earlier version of the box illustrated above has the following banner.

Dan Shuey describes this is the 1928 style label instead of the 1932 style label illustrated above.

Note, I made a correction to my post immediately before this one, noted in bold type.


I am still looking for information on this label. The information I have received has confused me more than when I originally posted the photograph.

I’m trying to put together an article for the Journal but these blue boxes in 9mm don’t make a lot of sense. Most of he ones I have are clearly dated well after the successor box style (Blue & Yellow was reportedly introduced.

If you have a Blue box like the one illustrated above, please let me know the box code inside the end flap.

Thanks for the assistance.