Blunt nose military .38 Special


Can someone provide information on the military .38 Special on the left with its blunt nose full metal jacket bullet and knurled case cannelure? The headstamp is W C C 6 0. The one on the right has the standard bullet profile and is headstamped R A 6 2. Thanks.





I am good at making SWAGs and I’d say it was an effort to increase the stopping power of the pathetic 38 Special FMJ without violating the Conventions. It looks much the same as the old 38 Special 200 grain RN “Police” cartridges.



How do you know the round on the left is military? My question is out of sheer ignorance.


The WCC with date headstamp indicates it is military; was there any development going on in the early 1960s to make the .38 special any more potent than the M41 that appears to have been the standard at the time?