BMA Duplex & Hydro-Core

Does anyone have information and pictures of these loadings? The BMA Duplex was made in several handgun calibers by Ballistic Metal in Ventura, CA, and the Hydro-Core was made in 9mm by OSS in Marietta, GA. Both date from the early 1990’s.

I have these cartridges which I bought from Gary Reusze. I bought a couple of each and pulled the projectiles on one set to do the weights and the photo. I have noticed that these all came with the same Winchester headstamp style and red primer seal. The secondary lead wadcutter projectiles are all disc shaped, with the .357mag and .44mag having grease grooves, although only the .44mag has grease (in my examples anyway). The label images are either from Gary, or Woodin Lab. I have never been able to find any good information on the years of production, marketing, manufacturing, or proprietors of these.

I had seen an image of a pack of .22lr “Hydro Core” loads once, but no other calibers.

Matt, great pictures! Thank you very much. The only information that I have about this company is that is was established in 1986 and the full address was Box 674, Ventura, CA 93001. For the moment, my latest reference about them dates from late 1991.



Ballistic Metal produced a 9mmP duplex with a HP bullet in the front like that illustrated by Matt in about 1993, and also one with a FMJ (short RN) bullet in front in about 1994. Could dig out the packet labels if that would help.

I have never heard of OSS but Marietta, GA is close by and some of the locals may know about it. Do you have an address or any other identifying information?


Lew, this company was also established in 1986 and their address in the early 1990’s was OSS, P.O. Box 965332, Marietta, GA 30066. Some years later its designation was changed to Outland Sales & Service, Inc. (OSSI), known during several years for their tracer ammunition line. In 2009 it was absorbed by Southern Ballistic Research (SBR).

I don’t know how to identify the Hydro-Core loading, all I know is that it was described as a “water base, liquid core bullet” and packed in 10 rd packets.