BMARC 25x137 TP

This round has a green painted steel case and is fitted with a blue steel and aluminium TP projectile (no markings). It is headstamped:



Is this a product of British Munitions? If so, where is/was their factory located? The IAA headstamp guide simply gives “British Munition, UK” for “BM”. This round had a screw-in primer, it appears that the primer was unscrewed and the propellant removed. The round could then be sold as an inert item. I bought this a few years ago for

BM stands for BMARCo,British Manufacture And Research Company.


Thanks Andy, would they still have been located in Grantham, Lincs. in 1989 when this 25x137 round was made? They were located there when they loaded 20x110 Hispano in WW2.

British Munitions was previously the Lorenz Ammunition and Ordnance Co. Ltd and only made some .303 Powder Mark II rounds in the 1890 timeframe. They ceased to exist soon after that.

Your round was made by BMARC, a subsidiary of Oerlikon in Grantham, Lincs. The full name was originally British Manufacturing and Research Company and they were set up to manufacture the Hispano gun for the RAF in 1939.

Sometime in the 1990s they were bought by Astra and eventually ceased trading a few years later.


Thanks Tony, I have a few examples of BMARC headstamped 20x110 Hispano cases, I didn’t know they built the guns as well. Didn’t BMARC only load the 20x110 Hispano cases, which were mady by Kynoch with BMARC headstamps?