BMG want to buy

Here’s a list of what I have. If you have something you think I need to fill a hole (particularly if it’s a different color or other cosmetic thing), shoot me an email. jestertoo at

Edit to add: if you see something you think I have missidentified, please let me know.

I know I’m missing some squeezebore types, the (X)M1022, plain green Mk211, m2a1 dummy

12.7x99 50bmg
M1 incendiary TW45
M1 tracer DM43, RA41
M1 blank LC4
M1A1 blank WCC85, LC85
M2 ball TW45,SL45,LC4
M2 AP KS43,LC44,SL4,TW4,TW45
M2 dummy
M8 API SL4, LC07?? (has white tip)
M10 tracer DM4, TW45
M17 (tracer, dim tracer LC94)
M17 tracer LC85, LC01
M20 (APIT) - FA51
M23 Incendiary TW53
M23E1 TW5
M33 (LC68, LC55 Zinc, LC07, LC08, LC12, Barrett, PSD12)
M211 WCC94,FNB93
M257 LC08
Salvo Squeeze Bore Type 1 TW45
Salvo Squeeze Bore Type 7 LC55
AP Plate test FA41 (silver/black tip)
XM928 norwegian blank (red plastic)
Argentine AP FLB82,FLB85
Belgian blank FN79
British - ball K/75/50
Dominican AP (yellow tip) 50 60
Dominican – (white tip) RD 50 56
Dominican – (silver tip) RD 50 56
Dominican – (white over red tip) RD 50 56
Dominican – yellow tip on RA43 brass
Egyptian – VV %0. (contract by Kynoch?) 77 or 88?
German SRTA DAG71
German SRTA-T DAG79
Israeli API Hebrew TZZ 7-71
Israeli APIT Hebrew TZZ 18-72
Norway M858 SRTA BF89
Norway M860 SRTA-T BF89
Yugo APIT black/red 1965 NIK
YUGO APIT black/purple 1957 NK
Hornady AMAX WCC08
Treasury HSM (CAL 50)
Proof/HPtest-Test LC4
Amtech Plastic Inert LC85
unknown APT green tip, possibly Saudi, sterile
Norma Incendiary, orange tip, possibly CIA bay of pigs
reload S/T RA43
reload hunting LC83
reload nickel plated LC93
reload brass solid LC85
unknown white plastic blank
unknown red plastic blank
Tround, 50cal, live

I have an XM 156 Spotter Tracer, the one that uses the 50 BMG case, not the shorter one…$50.00