Bnz and WaA815 on Aluminum Dummy!

I have never been one to raise a contentious issue, but some regulars on this forum will remember a 9mm aluminum dummy than was generally branded a fake by some very knowledgable collectors (see viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2644&hilit=Graz).

One of the reasons given for branding this a fake was that the dummy was marked bnz (Steyr, werk Steyr), but the inspector stamp was WaA 815 which was associated with Steyr, werk Graz (kur). The WaA list I recently found and referenced in another thread ( … -and-Codes) shows the WaA 815 code as used on items marked both bnz and kur. The bnz/WaA items listed are a MP 40 blank firing adaptor and cleaning kit parts.

No intent to reopen a discussion where we have agreed to disagree, but it seemed appropriate to share the bit of new (to me) information.