Boicourt & Walker-Portland OR

I recently received this photo of a Boicourt & Walker box. Apparently they were a reloader out of Portland OR. The box was empty, and was accompanied by boxes for 38 Special, 44 Special and 41 Remington. Does anyone have more information on this company? When were they in business? Does anyone have any examples of their loads?

The Forum works, even when the reply isn’t posted. A collector at SLICS recognized the name of this company and has some tentative information. It appears that Stanley (???) Boicourt and Jim (???) Walker were reserve policemen in Portland OR in the 1970s. As a sideline they reloaded ammunition for police officers who had to pay for their own training ammo in the 70s & early 80s in Portland. The collector can remember going with his father (a Portland policeman) to buy ammo from Boicourt & Walker. As the collector remembers, all, or most of what they loaded was 38 Special but they could have loaded other things. They did their loading in Boicort’s garage.

The information above comes from calls to retired policemen in Portland. The collector will try to dig up more information.

My thanks to the collector who dug out this information!