Bomb removal


These are supposed to be bomb disposal cartridges any info as to their working would be appeciated


Possibly for use in a ‘Disruptor’ - a specially built device used to fire a high speed column of water at a suspect package, the objective being to smash the package apart and separate any explosive and components before it can detonate.

The only time ive seen one used the suspect package was one of my NCOs forgotton Tuppaware lunchbox!


These are 20mm disruptor rounds by Proparms, There will an article in the Journal in the near future. In the interim, this is their website



Wouldn’t the cellophane tape make these examples pressure test rounds ?


Yes, Pepper is absolutely right. These are cartridges made to test pressures upon firing. As such they are quite scarce as this is a obscure cartridge to begin with.

The headstamps don’t really have anything to do with these cartridges. These were made from .50 cal draw pieces produced by IVI.



Thank you to all of you for a great revelation I was more surprised than anything but it showed me again
very often that people do not know what they have or sell