Bombrini Parodi Delfino (BPD) advertisement

An advertising poster for BPD, presumably from the 1930’s;

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Nice!!! I assume they were based in Rome.

Colleferro, just South of Rome. … 7663979160

They also had an address at via del Corso, 267 in Rome itself

At some point they seem to have diversified slightly;


Well, having now qualified in age to be become a “dirty old man,” I like the second add much better than the first. Cartridges are great, but …!

Bombrini Parodi-Delfino is hyphenated in the advertisement. Does it mean that the company is established by 2 people, Bombrini and Parodi-Delfino?

Parodi and Delfino are Both Names of Families of Genovese origin, infact “Parodi” is so common in Genova and Liguria Region, it is the classical name for a Genovese in Jokes about the People and region.
Delfino derives from the two words, Del (of) Fino ( fine,as in Thin, acute,(in money or thinking) or “The end”); Delfino also means “Dolfin” ( Sea Mammal) and also “Heir” or Successor as in the French, “Dauphin”); Genova, being a Maritime Republic in the Middle ages and Renaissance, would have the Mediterranean Dolfin as a symbol of sea connection and as a family crest.

Bombrini can be a Family name, but also mean “Small Bombs” of the shattering kind.

I don’t know if there was any interfamily connection between Parodi and Delfino to justify the Hyphenation…it may just signify the Association in the company.

The Stockings are made of a form of Rayon, made from Cellulose Nitrate ( non explosive type), made just before the war soon after DuPont patented the process.

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Vlad and DocAV, the company name is derived from the names of the two people who established it: Giovanni Bombrini and Leopoldo Parodi Delfino (mother and father last names).

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BPD is made up of several subfactories mainly involved in chemistry. Not only explosives but also soaps, fertilizers and some kind of concrete. Some subfactories were actually textile factories…