Bombs away

YES BOMBS ARE AMMUNITION - ask any ordnance supply officer.

The most famous bomber pilot of all time, General Paul Tibbets pilot of the Enola Gay , my old pal and fellow Ohioan passed away last week at his home at 92 year of age. The photo is a souvenir A-bomb made by the First Ordnance Squadron , Tinian Island ( where the Enola Gay left for Hiroshima ) and given to Paul upon his return. The First Ordnance handled the A-bombs for both flights.

The mini-A- bomb is made from Japanese artillery fuzes with silver wings.

The background is a photo of the device used to arm the A-bomb. The photo is signed by the pilots of both missions.

Is this in your collection?

Yes , I bought it from him several years ago. I have several other items from him as well. This is the most important to me as it was made by the men who had responsibility for the A-bombs. It is engraved but I have never shown the engraving nor quoted it as I do not want any copycats showing up. Many similar souvenirs such as this were made as the fuzes were captured in large numbers and these were easy to make. To my knowledge this is the only one made with Sterling silver fins. It will eventually go to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - 2 where the Enola Gay is on display.

An unbelievable piece of history. It should be placed on the bombsight (Norden?) of the Enola Gay, with appropriate credits.

WOW! That is amazing. Talk about extreme history. I can understand you not wanting to show the inscriptions to avoid counterfeiting. I have seen a few very similar Japanese Fuze creations on ebay and I am sure someone would try duplicating your artifact if the details got out.

On a separate note, about 6 years ago on EBAY someone was selling the custom made lifting bracket made specifically for “Fat Boy” on EBAY for $10,000. I think I saved the pictures.

It is great that you actually new General Paul Tibbets. Major legend.

Very interesting item, and a timely tribute to the passing of a great warrior.
Thanks for sharing with others.

Gen. Tibbets lived a long and interesting life. He was a “BIG” man in the largest sense of the word and an AMERICAN hero. A note on how big a man he was: he asked that there be no grave stone or memorial to him to avoid giving a focal point to those who would use it as a place to disrespect the United States military. The Enola Gay is on display at the new National Air & Space Museum annex near Dulles Airport in Va. From the catwalk in front one can look right into the cockpit. Paul said that he never saw the bomb.( that is not what he wrote in his book - SO - pick the story which you like best)

Here is my copy of his autobiography with “Little Boy Jr.” and the frontis piece of the book - also my Robert Conely B-29 print signed by both A-bomb pilots.


According to Gen Tibbets Sweeney was the “command pilot” but Albury flew the plane. Most of what Gen Tibbets had to say about Sweeney is not complementary . Their “disagreement” is well documented.

Super cool artifacts! The Smithsonian is going to be fired-up for them I am sure.

The Enola Gay as she sits in the New National Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport Virginia.

Cockpit view. Tibbet’s seat is on the right in the photo. Bomb sight clearly visible in the nose.

Awesome pics & beautiful aircraft. I used to have a Nordon Bombsight :-)

Speaking of bombs, this is my only “Bomb” artifact in my collection. It is the glass lens for a TV Guided GBU Bomb from Desert Storm. The thing weighs about 10 pounds and a camera sits directly behind it so you can watch the thing go threw specific windows or smoke stacks ect .

Hey Jason

Was this recovered from a “spent” bomb? Amazing, if it survived all that commotion.


No Rick, I purchased it new, not installed, never used condition. I bought it right after Desert Storm when the news was full of POV (point Of View) footage from the missiles perspective.

Boy the Enola Gay looks better that when we crawled through it in 1954. Went to Davis-Monthan Air Force base with a friend to help him de-mothball a T-28 he bought. An AP came by and told us to go over to this special compound and take a look at the aircraft in it. Besides the Enola Gay there were some WW-2 Axis planes. Think the Air Force was trying to get somebody to buy the aircraft there. Always wondered what happened to the other planes. Anti war people tried to keep the Enola Gay from being displayed for years.

Yes , Air and Space does a first rate job of restoration. The facility at Silver Hill , Md. has some of the best restorers of aircraft in the world. Free tours available. Yes , a wacko even tried to pour red paint on Gen. Tibbets at the opening of the exhibit. The grapevine has it that the Hungarian-American who gave 60 million dollars to build the new place had final call on what went in. Strange that there is not even one Hungarian aircraft. They don’t have the stones to have a mock up of the A-bomb on display as it might offend certain folks on the losing side of WW2. They don’t mind having a Japanese suicide aircraft nor plenty of German aircraft which killed thousands of Americans. They also show all sorts of Soviet and Chinese aircraft and missiles which killed American pilots in Korea , Viet Nam and elsewhere. You figure it out.