Bonnie & clyde ammo

These are published photos of the guns and ammo taken from the car of the famous U.S. criminal couple after they were shot to death. The 2 photos show various guns but they both show PLENTY OF AMMO.

The guns have been kept in various museums and collections but what happened to the ammo?

I like ammo with a story.

The only boxes of LIVE ammo in the collection of the Smithsonian are those taken by Charles Lindbergh along for his flight. They are on display with his flying suit in the national Air and Space Museum in DC. They are commercial rifle ammo. I don’t remember the caliber. He took them for the rifle which he also carried with him. Would not have been of much use in the ocean.

Ammo is the most important part of any gun use but is least valued after the smoke clears.

It has been a very long time since I last visited the Smithsonian, but as I remember there was one or possibly two boxes of Winchester or Western .30-'06 ammunition and a Winchester Model 54 rifle in the Lindbergh display. It could have been a Model 70, which is very similar in appearance to the Model 54, but if so, that would date it as from no earlier than the late 1930s. Those items may no longer be there at present. They were from one of Lindbergh’s early flights, but I think not his initial transatlantic flight. I could be wrong as it’s been many years.

I looked it up, and I was close. Here’s a picture of the display: … azy114.jpg

Smithsonian’s description of the rifle display: “This object is in a grouping of items that Charles A. Lindbergh took with him on his 1927-1928 “Good Will” tour of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Isles, as well as his non-stop return flight to St. Louis from Havana, Cuba.” It provides virtually no other details, although I imagine the item descriptions in the display case do. No indication as to whether the two Western boxes contain ammunition or not.

I usually just visit my own display to make sure it is still there and in good shape. I will have another look at his stuff.