Book about Experimental Ammunition


Hi Gent´s,

I´m looking for the books:

Smith, Paul. 2007. Variations of Military Experimental Calibers: An Illustrated Reference of Military Experimental Ammunition. (4vols, Sept 2008, 11th Revision). Edmonton, Canada. 280p (approx).

Can anybody help?



Paul is a member so he may see your post and respond.


Hi Rainer,

I’m sorry to report that I don’t have any more copies nor can I produce anymore originals. Long story short is that I produced individual copies on an old Mac platform (an LC3 with a math co-processor running at a whopping 25 MHz). I had a hardware failure and couldn’t upgrade the pages to a new system. I do plan on redoing the book at some point to include colour images (the drawings took so much time), but that is probably a retirement project. There are about 150 sets out there, so you might be able to find one second hand.



Boy, what I wouldn’t give for a copy.