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I have been reading the book ‘History of modern small arms Ammunition vol 2 1940-45 by Hacley, Woodin and Scranton.’ a 1978 print. A very good book. I know it’s a book on Ammunition but I was actually after packing, carton and box information. Would the latest print of this book have any up date regarding Packaging for ammo. Any other books that contain packaging. Would the National Archives have anything. I did try to contact a collector who was into packaging who was recommended but no luck on a reply.



While Volume I was reprinted with additions / corrections in the second edition, Volume II has had only the one edition.

I wouldn’t begin to presume to speak for the gentlemen who produced this incredible set of references, but clearly their focus is on the ammunition. It would seem the packaging shown / discussed is to flesh out that discussion rather than an attempt to address it in the scholarly detail given the ammunition.

I’ve never seen a reference which devoted extensive space to the military packaging, much less had this as its theme.




You may have already read it, but P. Labbett’s book, Military Small Arms of the World, 1945-1980 covers packaging to a greater extent than most other books. I remember thanking him for that when he wrote it back in the '80s.
All of Chapter 7 is packaging.


Thank you for the info, The History of modern small arms Ammunition is an excellent book and worth every penny. I will have a look at P.Labbett’s book. Thanks.


Have you got copies of the various US Technical Manuals or the British Pamphlets that deal with ammunition? They go into considerable detail ablut packaging.

What info are you after? PM me with details.