Book: Polish High Velocity Rifle Ammunition 1931-1939


i have a new book for sale:
Polska amunicja karabinowa o wysokiej prędkości początkowej 1931-1939
Polish High Velocity Rifle Ammunition 1931-1939

200+ photos and 70+ drawings
Descriptions under photos, drawings and tables in English.
Hard cover,
216 pages
165x235 mm
690 g
ISBN 978-83-954715-1-3

17 EUR / 19 USD [bank account in PLN and EUR / paypal +3%]
++ shipping costs.

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PM me. id like one


I want to order this book. What are your coordinates ?


przemek_m: I need your new Polish High Velocity Rifle book. How much is the total price to Norway including postage and PayPal ? You already have my address.

Good morning.
How much for an expedition in France including shipping ?
Thank you

Hello, I sent all info on priv. messages. Thanks!

Shipping for one book (700g weight) in registered letter in EU its a 35 PLN.
With PayPal payment its a 70+35 PLN and +3% :
One book for EU with PayPal method payment = 108 PLN

Bank transfer / sepa in EU: all costs for one book with shipping - 25,6 EUR

For USA - PayPal payment full price for one book with shipping in registered letter - 117 PLN

For more books in big parcel - possible is a DPD/DHL/UPS - various prices.


I see that the contents page is in Polish and English but I cannot zoom into the pictures of the pages to see if there is English text in addition to the Polish? Can you tell me if the book is only in Polish or contains English translations as well?


Full text is in Polish language, only titles - descriptions near photos / drawings / tables is in Polish and English. In tables with ballistic and technical data the same PL+ENG.
Sometimes in tables is more, example: description a armor plate after shooting.


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Thank you for clarifying.

It came :)


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We have also this book and it is very good work.
Very thanks !!!

Franta and Roman


děkuji : )

The books arrived today. Very good and with lots of information. Thanks for that.

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My copy of Przemek’s book arrived (Poland to the U.S.A.) yesterday in fine condition.

This is an excellent work, photographs and drawings are extensive and the addition of many subtitles in English is a major plus for those of us who do not speak Polish.


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Hi Przemek,

I would like to buy both of your books with pay pal. 117 PLN for the new book, but how much for the “Rifle Ammunition 1931-1939” Book with shipping to the USA? Also, do you have any other ammunition or gun books for sale now?

Thank You,