Book: Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes

I´m looking for a copy of the book: “Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes”, written by Eugene Scranton in 1990.
Is somebody willing to sell this book or knowing somebody who will sell this book?


Do you mean “Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes Color Coded Bullet”? If so, contact me via email.

Full title:
Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes, Part 1-14 and Supplement 1 . Scranton, Eugene. 1990. Published by: Chestnut Hill. 580p.

Try Gunnerman Books, I have had good luck with them finding books for me.
They are in Rochester Hills, Mi.

There is also this:
Hackley, Frank and Woodin, William and Scranton, Eugene . 1967-78. History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition . 2 vols. Macmillan. New York, U.S.A…
Vol 1 - 1880-1939. 328p. ISBN: 1-57747-033-8
Vol 2 - 1940-1945. 297p. ISBN: 0-88227-007-9