Book Suggestions


Hello All,
I am an information junkie and a book nut. I have a large collection of books and catalogs on ammunition, but I am sorely missing books from our European authors.
I have seen a number of great looking new books that I can’t wait to add to my collection (the new book on Finnish ammunition looks great). Right now I am trying to get a copy of Cartucher


Brian–I can not help you on finding the 2 books you asked about, but would make a couple of suggestions on books in general.

If you see a new book annnounced that would likely have information in your line of interest, buy it right away. Don’t put it off. Most Ammo books are published in relatively small numbers and may not be available for very long. You will seldom see used books on the subject as they sell quickly as collecters die or quit collecting. And, if the book is any good at all, a used copy will usually be more costly than when it was new.


[quote=“clarkbr”] Cartucher