Book : Suomalaiset sotilaspatruunat 1918 - 1945



The link did not work for me.

OK on the third try.

I would like to get a copy of that book, but my Finnish is not good enough to order it on that site. Do you know if anyone will have copies for sale at the St. Louis show?


Hammer, is the text bilingual (including English) or only in Finnish?



Teak - the picture captions are in Finnish and English, and at the end of each chapter is an English summary. If one does not read a word of Finnish, and I don’t, this book is worth having!


[quote=“Iconoclast”]Hammer, is the text bilingual (including English) or only in Finnish?


There is English summary for every chapters and also captions are bilingual.


Hammer - to repeat Jon’s question, will these be available at SLICS? If not, is there an English language order page I’m overlooking? I’m afraid I don’t know enough Finnish to even get into trouble.



I found, with a little help, a Finnish book site, similar to Amazon. The book is about 56.00 euros, but they want another 30 euros to ship to the US…surface post! I hope some enterprising European will bring a few copies over to the St. Louis show, I’ll reserve my copy right now.