Book: The Mauser Magazine Rifle Calibre 7,65-6,5mm Ludw. Loewe & Co., circa early 1890's

With color drawings, split into 2 files in order to upload it to the Forum. Can anyone pin down a date on this?
The Spanish Mauser is mentioned on page 10 so perhaps 1892-1893?

Mauser Magazine Rifle Cal. 7.65-6.5mm Ludw. Loewe & Co., 1891 b1.pdf (5.1 MB)

Mauser Magazine Rifle Cal. 7.65-6.5mm Ludw. Loewe & Co., 1891 b2.pdf (3.0 MB)


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The 7 mm cartridge was called M93/7 in Germany. So we are at 1893 to 1896 (Loewe merging all its weapon/ammunition actvites in newly founded DWM AG).

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they said this book was published in 1891 ??!!

The book itself shows no date of publication, as far as I can tell. My reasoning is as follows:

The cover of the book (bottom) shows a pencil note “[1891]”, as is often done by libraries. But the book cites a certificate letter by the German acceptance commission dated 24th December 1891. I think it is not very likely that the book was published in the few days left of 1891.
On page 10 the adoption by Spain is mentioned. The Spanish 7 mm cartridge was at the time called M93/7 in Germany. This indicates an earliest publication in 1893.

On the other hand, the old “Commandit-Gesellschaft auf Actien” is used for the Ludwig Loewe company, which in my view shows that the book is from before the time Loewe consolidated all its armament actvities in the newly founded DWM. This indicates a latest publication of this book in 1896.

I still have not read the book.

I just noticed this date when I wanted to download this book from Google books or Hathi.
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Now I am the one who is confused. I live in Germany and the download links supplied by bdgreen worked without any problem.
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But I wanted to download the book in one file (coming from Hathi Trust or from Google).

  1. About Hathi there are many options :
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The problem is not Google or Microsoft, the problem is you are allowing your browser to detect your location (a non-US server IP), which prevents you to download certain non-copyrighted books published before 1923. The solution for Google Books is extremely simple: use a proxy server. You don’t need a new software installed, just any internet browser, so it doesn’t matter if you have Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10.

Hathi Trust is not that simple, but it works using a download helper for any full view book (avoids downloading one page at a time). In some cases, like the Mauser book shared by Brian, that is only available in full view using a US IP, you can also use a download helper but you have to change the proxy settings and add a new IP from a US proxy server list. It works perfect for any book.


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Very cool document, thanks for the download link!