Books from Sweden

My good friend sent me these. Being well beyond my scope of collecting (& not being able to read Swedish lol) I thought I would share:

Lower right ‘Forsvarsladdning 22’ translates as ‘Defense charge 22’?
Picture is blurry, what is the image on the cover?
If you wish to part with, I would be interested in that one, and I have a friend that collects Swedish firearms, might like the Ammunition Data Book, and Soldiers manual, (top left and center)… please let me know, thanks.


Nice books, good finds :)

Forsvarsladdning 22 is basically a claymore mine, with some modifications compared to the old “classic” one. It has a increased charge, not equipped for trip wire, only remote manual ignition, and it can be serial coupled.


Ah, (I have had some experience with US Claymores in the long past), I was hoping it hadsomething to do with .22 rimfire competition shooting.