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Yuri, do you have any ISBN or other identifying numbers? I’m thinking most of these are government reports and so not the sort of material which normally would be available through commercial channels. Given all the uproar since 9-11-2001, even if they were de-classified at one time, they may be locked up today for reasons known only to hysterical old bureaucrats.

I had no luck running these through the book search operations which usually work for me and absolutely no hits in the Library of Congress catalog - although that doesn’t mean they are not in some restricted area.



Hi, Teak! Thank you for interest. Here full avaliable to me data:

Caseless ammunition technology (5.56MM & 7.62MM)
by Aloysius I Duffy; Frankford Arsenal (Pa.)

Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa. : U.S. Army Armament Command, Frankford Arsenal, 1975.

OCLC: 29930586 (does it make sence?)
Located at least in: Defense Ammunition Center Mcalester, OK 74501 United States

Vulnerability of small caliber caseless ammunition to accidental ignition
by W Hoyt Andersen; Whittaker Corporation. Shock Hydrodynamics Division.; Frankford Arsenal (Pa.)
Publisher: Sherman Oaks, Calif. : The Corporation, 1974.
OCLC: 28998668

Located at: Defense Ammunition Center Mcalester, OK 74501 United States

Accuracy of rifle fire: SPIW, M16A1, M14
by Fred W Hall; W Meade Werner; Emma M Wineholt
Publisher: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., U.S. Army Materiel Command, Ballistic research Laboratories, 1968.
OCLC: 4577172

Engineer design test for special purpose individual weapon (SPIW) final report
by Ray E Ball; U.S. Army Infantry Board.
Publisher: United States Army Infantry Board, 1966.
OCLC: 34337737

Located at: US Army, Mil Hist Institute Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013 United States

Gyrojet rocket small arms technology
by MB Associates.
Publisher: [San Ramon, CA] : MB Associates, 1965.
OCLC: 12374063

1. California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA 95819 United States
2. Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC 20013 United States

But I guess its impossibly get them from library.


It is possible that more copies of those exist in Russian intelligence files than in all the US.


Yes its possibly but they are closed there. :)


I suggest that request them directly where noted - you will make their day.