Are there any books that have been published the way Dan Shuey did for Win. but that deal with UMC, REM-UMC and USCCO

Carolyn–Not that I am aware of, but, if I EVER get my UMC, REM-UMC, Remington Arms listing done, it will serve as part of the answer. It won’t be fancy with nice drawings, etc. but will be an Excel spreadsheet of of every cataloged loading showing the name, exactly as used in the catalog, bullet type and weight, primer type and material, first year and last year cataloged. So far I am done from 1865 to 1930.

The now defunct Shotshell Collectors did a book on Black Shells (U.S.C.Co shot gun shells) and Windy Klinect (co-author to the Black Shells) also did a book on Robin Hood shot shells.
However no C.F. in either.