Borchardt, sharps

someone who knows this persons ???
found the picture in an sharps “old reliable” rifle related article


greets again from austra


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first row, Ballard, A.V Canfield, Col Gildersleeve, R.C.Colman.
row 2, George Yale, John Bodine, General T.S.Dakin.
row3, Captain L.C.Bruce, Major Henry Fulton.


perfekt, thanks a lot
background of my question is, i do research on hugo borchardt’s live
reading the net, i found two pix of hugo, both without telling primary-sources … :-(

looking at the above shown pix (coming with relation to sharps-rifles, were hugo worked for a while) i thought i found conformity with another "internet found. a “picture-find” ostensible related to hugo — this one …

but according to 451kr’s answer this could/should be col. glidersleeve and not hugo …
if anyone can help, i would be glad to hear from you …

regards from austria


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I have in my archive this on Hugo,


According to “Kugel und Schrot” (1924, June) Borchardt died on May 3rd, 1924.
He survived his younger arch-enemy Georg Luger, who had died on December 22nd, 1923.

thx, to u
i know this picture also, but also without telling a source … argh …

so if u are interested in…
birth-entry to church-index of friedrich albert hugo borchardt

regards wolfgang

still interested in all primary data regarding hugo …

Wolfgang has pointed out the problem with this image: lack of provenance. Without a satisfactory history one should be very cautious in accepting the identity of a person in a unique or near unique photograph, particularly when the subject is of historic interest. Jack

In the square above, showing Date of Birth, Date of Death, and Occupation, where does the name “Arthur William Savage” fit in?


back to hugo
good morning from austria again …

within the last days i did more research on hugo borchardt.
berliner adressbücher, a perfect source, first hand data…

the pins describe the locations hugo borchardt was residing at berlin

1890-1891 berlin, kronenstrasse 31, about 1 km to löwe factory, hollmannstrasse
1892 i found no entry
1893-1898 berlin, königgrätzerstrasse 62, about 800 mtrs to löwe factory, hollmannstrasse
1899 i found no entry
1900-1902 berlin, kürfürstenstrasse 91
1903 i found no entry
1904-1920 berlin, kantstrasse 31
1925 i found only aranka borchardt at kantstrasse, obvious, hugo died the year/years before

intersting to see, that with the end of his c93 engagement at löwe (i assume an end at this point of my writing) he relocated “away” from löwe.
why do i assume this end of engagement, end of empoyment at löwe ??

  1. look hat his patent- entries
    up from 1897 there are no entries, with relation to weapon or accessories (only two extensiones of validity) for a 10 year periode.
    again i assume, hugo left löwe and his employment contract (ancillary convenant) prohibits him to work i the weapon development busines.
    he canged over to gas and electricity related inventiones

2.) mobility wasn’t high as today, obvious borchardt tries to live near his place of employment
so why should he relocate away so far (4-5 kilometers) from löwe ???

checking the old patent-applicationes i found entries of “oscar falbe & borchardt” in 1898 and 1899
so i have no idea, if this “borchardt” assigned to oscar falbe was hugo, but who knows ???
interesting to see, that falbe & borchardt have entries to the berlin adress book 1898 and 1899, up and including from 1900 on falbe is changing his type of company to a “actiengesellschaft”, so i’m not in the position to check borchardts possible remains at falbe …

any ideas, any hints, any documents out there within the wide web or collectors community ???
any borchardt specialists who can help, want to communicate ???

regards from a sunny austria

wolfganggo …

Hi Wolfgang,

To my knowledge Hugo Borchardt concentrated his efforts on ball bearing development. An area where Loewe and DWM were quite succesfull.

Borchardt did have a friendly relationship with Paul Mauser. Probably related to their mutual dispise of Georg Luger.

hello from austria


i found 168 patent-register-entries, these entries are
– patent applications
– patent issues
– patent extensiones
– issues of reichs-gebrauchs-mustern (D.R.G.B.M)

of these 168 entries
– 70 are related to weapon innovationes (c-93, magazines, magazin catches, breech-mechanisms …)
– 3 are ball bearing related (one invention - patent granted in 3 states - 1907 CH and GB and 1909 US)
– 15 are ammunition related
– 7 are electricity related (lets talk about electric steering of gas shut-off valves
– 63 are gas related

gas related means inventiones around the subjekt of gas illumination at night - like this was common around 1900 at streets, houses and bureaus

and as i wrote before
– betw. his first patent granted 21.7.1874 and the end of the year 1896 there were only weapon and ammunition related patent entries
– btw. 1.1.1897 until 28.02.1907 not one new weapon releted patent was issued to his name
– up from 28.02.1897 weapon and ammunition related patet issues are again (like the first periode) the majority

regards wolfganggo …