Bottle neck pistol cartirdges

This was the post done on the IAA Facebook page and I figured posting it here to double-check on what other bottle necked pistol cartridges there are. I’m sure there are several missing from this photo lineup due to the never-ending variety of wildcats, but this should represent most all of the headstamped brass varieties in this strange category. There are a few other obsolete lever-gun calibers which chamber in both rifle and pistol, but I limit this with 38-40 here to represent that entire era. These are, from left-to-right: 38-40 Winchester, a cryptic wildcat with “40-45” written on the case, .357 Automag, .22 Remington Jet Magnum, 5.7x28mm, .400 Corbon, .250 JAWS, .38 Casull, .40 Super, 9x25 Dillon, 7.62x25 Tokarev, 7.63 Mauser, .357sig, 6.5x25 CBJ, .223 IMI Urban, .22TCM, .22TCM9R, .30 Luger, .32NAA, .25NAA. The 40-45 and the .357 Automag are loaded on brass with headstamps from reformed donor-cases, which is standard for those calibers. The .223 IMI is an interesting rarity which was used with modified Micro-UZI’s for special security details, airport security, etc. It was a small PDW from the 1990’s with ammunition capable of defeating soft body armor or vehicle body panels. In this vague pistol / PDW regard, the .22 SCAMP should have made it into the photo… too late now…


US only?
7mm Nambu
8mm Nambu


7mm Charola
5 mm Charola (Clement)
5.8 Chinese
7.62 Tokarev
7.65 Borchardt
7.25 Adler
6.5 mm Bergmann rimless/Grooveless
6.5 Bergmann
7.65 Glisenti (May be a misnomer, and actually be a special form of the 7.65 mm Para DWM471C)
7.;65 Mannlicher
7.8 Bergmann No. 5
8 mm Schoenberger (also known as 9 mm Kromar which may possibly be a mis-identification)
8.5 mm Mars
9 mm Borchardt (may be a misnomer - could be the first 9 mm Para DWM 580)
9 mm Mars (Gabbett Fairfax version)
.357 Auto Mag

There are likely others. Above are all for self loading pistols. I have not included wildcats, of which there are many (the .357 Automag could be called a Wildcat since no properly-headstamped brass was made for it, but it was mainstream and offered by Automag Corp, so have included it here. ) I did not do those for single-shot target pistols, primarily European, nor for revolvers. I am sure you listed all rounds for handguns - repeating, revolvers, self-loading, single-shot, etc., the list could double or triple, or even more.

John Moss

9x22 Major

I was going to say .17 Remington Fireball, but I suppose it is primarily a rifle round…

5mm Bergmann
5.7 FN (for the 5.7 pistol)

.221 Remington Fireball
7.62 Nagant (some)
8mm Pieper
.225, .300, .350 &.400 JAWS

Can’t believe I forgot the Nambus and the 5.45x18 - I have some sitting right here. It’s good to leave some off though, it gets the Facebook followers chiming in. Thanks for all of the others - I knew there were several Bergman & Mars type loads I just didn’t have.

The 5.7x28 and .357 Automag is mentioned, but I have them in there, the .357 on a reformed .44 automag case. SBR in Georgia is supposed to be coming out with new .357 Automag soon and I wonder if it will be reformed .44 automag brass or a new headstamp…

.224 VOB and .224 BOZ

The 5 mm Bergmann No 2, M.94 and 5 mm Bergmann No. 2, M.96 are not bottle-necked
cartridges. They are tapered-case rounds that headspace on the case taper.


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.440 Cor-Bon

.38-45 Clerke and .22TCM are two that come to mind that haven’t been mentioned already.

Guin - I mentioned the .38-45, although not using the “Clerke” name, which while
perfectly valid, is not the sole name this cartridge has been known as over the
years. The .22 TCM in both variations were mentioned in the opening of the thread
and pictured there.


Is there an FX pistol with a bottleneck case, about 6mm or so? I was recently given two early development rounds made on Starline cases-but forget the caliber.


.357 , .41, .44 and .45 Wildey Magnums
9mm Action Express

Here we have three more not very common:

7,65x18 S.F.M. Beaux
10mm-.357 Magnum
.44 Thor



the 44 thor is a "cut version of the 440 cor bon ?

or the 10mm/357 is based on 10mm mag (not the 10mm auto) ?

What weapon was the 7.65 x 18 SFM Beaux used with? I have never heard of that cartridge.

Falcon - I am not sure about the exact pistol used with that
cartridge, the 7.65 mm Beaux, but assume it had something to do
with the Leon Beaux company of Italy. The cartridges were actually
made by S.F.M. Issey-Molineaux, France. My understanding when I
got mine is that they were found in the basement of S.F.M. when that
company sold off much of the early odds and ends that were in
storage there, some years ago, and that all that were found were
primed case and the separate bullets. Of course, that could have been
wrong information since the cartridge pictured is assembled.

Beaux was an ammunition company, so not sure about the connection of
the cartridge’s name, considering it was actually made in France, with the
L.B.C. company, and whether they were involved in the development of any
pistol type. Perhaps one of the French or Italian collectors could answer that.

John Moss

For whatever it’s worth John
I also understood these 7.65mm Beaux were not loaded, but only found as separate case and bullet.

I don’t see a mouth crimp on the one in the above photo, & the bullet certainly has a groove to accept one.