Bottle neck pistol cartirdges

these ctges are an order of Leon Beaux to SFM in July 1906.
They were for an automatic pistol “small model”.

I bought the 7.65x18 as it is in the photo. Maybe a previous owner had set it up.

The .44 Thor is made starting from the .50 AE case and the 10mm-.357 Mag is from the 10mm ATM. Both are Horst Grillmayer designs.
It seems that the .440 CORBON is very inspired by the .44 Thor …
The same happened with another Grillmayer design, the 9x22 Major, which was later reinvented as .357 SIG

Thanks for the info John. It’s another one in the category of cartridges where the firearm chambered for them is unknown.

The newest might be the 7.5 FX Brno alluded to by Lew. Very expensive pistol running $7500 to $8500.
Also add the 8mm Kyrka.

Muck is right as usual. I was talking about the 7.5 FK Brno. Photos below. Both have Starline 10mm headstamps.



My box full has the headstamp of: FK BRNO 7.5 FK

Muck, the 10mm Starline cases were the early ones reformed to 7.5mm. Your’s are current production.



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Does 6,5 mm Sunngård count? They have a very small stepped neck.

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Several of the Super Mags are bottlenecked. I was told by the guy who developed the first loading data that it was originally intended for a revolver. The guy, however, was kinda known for perhaps inflating his roll in developing cartridges. Whether it was intended for use in a revolver or not, it’s a great cartridge in my Contender. To find out more about these, including ones that were thought of but never really tried, look up Elgin Gates’ article in the 6th Edition of Handloader’s Digest. I THINK that’s the one. If not, I can find the article for you once I get unpacked from moving.

Also, most of the Jurras cartridges for Jurras’ Howdah Contender pistols have shoulders.