Bottled primers?

I have a small glass bottle of Remington no. 6-1/2 primers, but the question that has troubled me is whether Remington bottled them or persons unknown. They are described as “nickeled primers … non-mercuric … non-corrosive” likely made in the early to mid-1930s, but I do wonder if Rem-UMC actually packed them in this manner. The red label could have been soaked off of the original packaging and stuck on this squat glass bottle if someone had too much time on his hands. Anyone know? JG

I cannot imagine any company packaging primers in glass! Primers can explode in bulk, and packing them and shipping them in glass bottles would be nothing short of stupid, bordering on insanity, in my opinion.

I have seen pretty old Remington primer packaging, and they look pretty much like modern packing except the insert is wood rather than plastic.


As recently as 10 or 15 years ago it was a common practice for Varmint and Benchrest shooters to keep their primers in little glass jars. And their bullets too. Why? Maybe they thought it was more convenient than the boxes? Moisture free? I don’t know. Most shooters today realize the danger of such an arrangement and you seldom see such things. I’m sure the jar you have is a remnant of those days.

Little glass pill bottles were also used to carry pre-weighed powder charges.

It will probably be a “Benchrest” collectable some day. :) :)


To John and Ray: I know that if I were in the primer business I wouldn’t offer them in glass bottles! The neatness with which the label has been stuck on the bottle makes me think Ray’s suggestion that some hand-loader had a bee in his bonnet has real merit. Thanks to both of you. JG