Bought german ww2 shell with casing. but the shell itself looks like its from ww1 or earlier. can i get some help identifying the markings and the shell?

I was told that this was from a 37mm aa cannon. But i tought that nose fuses was not common for the germans during ww2. To me the shell looks like its for a hotchkiss revolver cannon or maxim pompom from 1880+, but the fuse has a mark that looks line an eagle over a blank circle. I have some pictures with all the different markings and i hope you guys are able to explain the markings and origin of shell for me :)

The case is a “Patronenhülse (6348) der 3,7-cm-Flak 18” from WWII.

Projectile looks to be a WWI 37x94 "Pom-Pom’