Bouncing bomb


For those of us who love REALLY big ammo like bouncing bombs, there is a 1955 British movie "The Dam Busters"
Enjoy the fireworks


great movie


When I was living in the UK, I went to a small museum which showed off parts of the bouncing bombs recovered during testing, pretty amazing all effort that went into blowing up a dam.



I think the site you may be referring to is this one;

Brenzett Aeronautical Museum
Ivychurch Road
Brenzett, Romney Marsh
Kent TN29 0EE

i have a 32 year old photo of me aged 8 sitting on one of the prototype test bombs, that was on display there…


I’ve watched TV documentaries, seen the movie, and read books about this amazing concept in WWII and am still fascinated with it. The British who came up with the idea were brilliant.


It was Barnes Wallis

Very much an innovative engineer, he developed the geodesic system of construction used in the R100 airship (the successful one, not the government R101 which crashed) and the Wellesley, Wellington and Warwick bombers. He also designed the Tallboy series of earthquake bombs, and did a lot of work on swing-wing aircraft postwar.