Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset, UK


Here are a few shots of some ammunition on display at the museum. Google it. One of the more complete collections of tanks in the world. I won’t bore you with the tank pics, just the ammo. Nearly every tank in the main hall had an enclosed case displaying the gun’s respective ammunition. Made photography a little difficult as noted by the glare in some of the pics. Another one of those places that would take a number of days to document everything. Unbelievable. There’s even a cutaway(sectioned) Chieftain(I believe) tank. Along with many “famous” tanks.


Nice, that glass glare drives you nuts when taking photos, especially in narrow passages like NRA Museum in DC.


Its a good museum, I’ve been there many times over the years.




A polarising filter can help a photographer get rid glass and other reflections, unfortunately you loose two stops so either a tripod or faster ISO/ASA will help with that.
You likely will have to play with the angle of the subject and camera to get the best reductions of reflections, turning the filter while moving around to find the ‘sweet’ spot.


Nice pics, thanks (tanks)!