Box (metal) of 6mm Flobert RF with Shot (Size 11) by Egestorff

Here some Photos of this interesting box, as it still shows the village place as Linden VOR Hannover, and not the common Linden “bei” Hannover (b/H). Raised headstamp with the ancre Symbol…
Shotsize indicated by a glued on pinkish sticker with the (11) on it…
Writíng on the front in german (mid), and French, English, Italian and Spanish in the 4 Corners…

Box and ammo:

Have fun


Very cool box!
I like the descriptive of “with hail shot”, makes it sound like you would be lucky to hit anything!

@ FEDE or @ WBD
do you may knew, when the descripton in the Village adress changed from:

Linden VOR Hannover to BEI Hannover, or vice versa…
I do not knew, which was the first, but I think it was VOR…and changed later to BEI Hannover…


Peter, my latest ad showing “vor” dates from 1910. There are earlier articles and directories using “bei”, but I haven’t seen ads or catalogs using it before that date. The 1912 catalog shows “bei”.



Looking through all my Egestorff images, for these, all the tins used “vor” and all the cardboard boxes used “bei”.