Box of 20 ga pinfire shells

Hi, I have had the remains of this box of primed empty 20 ga pinfire shotgun shells for a long time. It originally contained 100 but I have only 85. The box is composed of thin cardboard held together with staples and string. The prior owner patched it up with tape which is rather unfortunate. I’m wondering who made it, where and when?

Thank you.


Looks like the Russo-Belgian cartridge company (Cartoucherie Russo-Belge). The experts will tell soon I think.

Yep, cartoucherie russo belge.
Cannot say how old.

Regards René

yes your shotshell is from Cartoucherie Russo Belge
It was founded in May 1899 and stopped in 1921.

But I don’t think it is the original box for the shells.
How high is the base ?

Thank you for the information as to the manufacturer.

The other information I have is as follows: About 100 of these shells came in this disintegrating box from Dixie Gun Works about 40 years ago. Dixie imported these and other empty pinfire shot shells, as well as lots of gun parts, from someplace in Europe most likely in the 1950’s. I don’t think DGW would go to the trouble of repacking the shells in this box.

give me the measurement of the base, it is not difficult.
I ask you that because :

  1. the box is for loaded shells (see number 4 shot), therefore not for NPE cases; First point not compliant with "douilles’ which means “empty cases”
  2. The portion of the hstp we see under the name broche is not compliant with the hstp you show
  3. “haut culot renforcé” means high base which doesn’t be that on your ctges.
  4. The word “broche” (pin fire) is added on the box, it is not part of the label

What I think is :
It was a box of NPE CF shotshells (high base)
They used it after to put loaded CF cases inside (N°4 shot)
They reused it to put NPE PF shotshells inside (Broche)

They took

Ok, got it. So, Dixie Gun Works did not repack the box with pinfire shells, it would have been someone in the chain of supply in Europe. Very interesting. Thank you for explaining what everything stands for.

I will measure the base of a shell this evening, unless you want the measurement of what’s left of the base of the box, in which case I can measure that as well.

no, thanks
only the height of the base

The height of the brass base is 8mm

Thanks again for the information provided.

8 mm : another proof it cannot be high base (culot renforcé) because it should be 15 mm

How common was it for wholesalers to re-use ammo boxes in Europe? They seem to have had little “Broche” stickers available for this purpose.

I don’t think the box has been re-used by a wholesaler but rather by the company making the shells.
Perhaps when they cleaned their inentory stock or when they moved and closed the business