Box of 250 Flobert Knallzündhütchen 6mm offen für Schlaghammer


I have this box, filled with “normal looking” Flobert Rimfire Blanks, but open AND NOT FOLDED, as stated on the Box (6mm OFFEN). But what I have not found out up to yet, it is described as “für Schlaghammer”…and I do not knew, what Schlaghammer in this case means…
Any insight?
Box and ammo here:

ammo here:

Google translates this to “Sledgehammer” or “Impact hammer” or “Percussion hammer.”…but still I do not knew whats the purpose…
Maybe its for Hau den Lukas, shown in the next pic:

Any suggestions for the use of the Ammo for Schlaghammer are welcome and appreciated


Powertool cartridge?




Peter, you can find the term schlaghammer in primer boxes for percussion muzzle loading guns made from the 1950’s until today, but I’m not sure if these 6 mm primed cases were made for that purpose. They also offered these as being for “Knallapparate” (alarm devices).



RWS 1953

Geco 1953

RWS 1955


Thank you very much Fede,
I still do not know the word SCHLAGHAMMER, as the ammo has no “payload” only the primer compound in the rim…
Its much too powerless to be used with or as a tool cartridge…
I will write to the RUAG Archive, if they can explain, what a Schlaghammer is…
Will see,
anyway again thanks for the catalogues :-)