Box of .30 Carbine M1 Dummies


Here’s a box I picked up at our local gun show; I was surprised to find anything at all interesting there.

This box would have been produced not long before the company name was changed from ‘Division of Western Cartridge Co’ to ‘Division of Olin Industries’ sometime in 1944. The cartridge cases are tin plated, and have an empty primer pocket with no flash hole. Hackley, Woodin & Scranton suggest that those with the 1944 date are not common, but this box consists mostly of the 1944 dated headstamps, mixed with a few 1943 headstamps.


Guy - I have the same box for the Winchester-made “John Moss Proprietary Cartridges” (Dummies). All of the rounds that I can read are 43-dated. I am too lazy to dump the box to look at the ones packed head-down. If the 44-dates are rare, you got lucky!


I based that remark regarding rarity on the following from page 47 of H, W & S volume II:

‘The first standardized dummy cartridge was the M1, which was designed primarily for Ordnance use in the inspection of weapons. The round was made from late 1941 to December 1943, although a WRA 44 headstamp has been examined.’

Now we know that there are definately 40 or so more M1 dummies that were made after 1943.