Box of 9mm Makarov Exhibition-Dummys from TPZ 1990

I bought this box out of the displaywindow after the end of an IWA Show (i think in 1990).
They where specifically produced only for the Shows (ShotShow and IWA) (with primer dented), no powder filling and a small hole in casewall); as live ammo is and was forbidden on the Exhibition by Showroom rules.
This where samples for ammo for the US-Market, and I think, the first Importer from TULA was a Company in Tucson…
as far i can remember, it was the company B-West (which got their ammo with their own headstamp than…
here the pics:from the Show-Dummies

and here the pics from the B-West headstamped ammo:


Made in Russia?.. (i think 1992 or later)

I think Hooke is right on with the 1002 date if we are talking about
The “B-West” headstamp. It was specifically made for the firm of
B-West, of Tucson, Arizona, owned by Bob Jensen. The cartridges
appeared on dealer shelves c. 1993, which means they could have
been manufactured in mid to late 1992. The headstamp was not long-
lived, as B-West filed for bankruptcy in March of 1997, after some
problems with BATFE over their manufacture of an AKM type weapon,
but in pistol form.

This headstamp may have been the first commercial use of a proprietary
headstamp by Tula. It certainly was the first on 9 x 18 Makarov, and on
any caliber from Tula made specifically for a U.S.A. dealer.

The boxes from B-west were very similar to the one shown on this thread.
They originally marked as containing non-corrosive ammunition, but after
the first shipment our store bought, which was so marked, the next shipment
had the word “non” inked out by hand on every single 16-round box. Our
own testing had indicated they were actually corrosive-primed. Bullet weight was
shown as 100 grain, but one I pulled actually weighed 105.2 grains, with a thick
gilding-metal jacket but a lead core.

The TPZ (in cyrillic) headstamp was being sold elsewhere (Europe I know of)
simultaneously with the B-West sold in America.

John Moss