Box Re-Construction

I was watching the National Geographic Channel over the weekend. It featured two paleontologists who found a small bone, no bigger than my toenail clipping, and from that they re-constructed a 24 foot Tanystropheus.

So, I thought to myself, “Self, why can’t that be done with other things as well?” So, I took two small remnants of a Cal .30 National Match box, no bigger than a Roosevelt dime, that I had carefully stored away in a glass vial, and . . . well, let the photos speak for themselves.


Next summer, I’m gonna build me a Cadillac from that hubcap that I found! Yeah Baby!

Ray, I really want to try your famous home made moonshine, even though I am a whiskey person. Seriously, if I ever make it to your house, we are gonna restore a battle pack.



I have some carefully preserved fragments of about twenty $100.00 bills, can you work your magic on them ??

Ray even tho it is funny, but if you think about it and know some of the basic parameters of a specific box you could make a pretty good guess from very little evidence but it still would be a best guess, and would represent a good average!