Boxes of Remanufactured Ammo Value

I just acquired two boxes of Zero “remanufactured” 38 Special Ammo. No reason to believe that the ammo isn’t all original to the boxes. Dated cases from 67-74, others early types from 1961 to perhaps 1980. Anyway, from the collectors point of view, do these boxes have value beside the value of individual cases? For example one round is a Mexican-made R-P.

d’Artagnan, I believe Zero made both remanufactured ammo and new ammo. I know they produced a 9mm with their own headstamp, and probably also produced ammo in other calibers.

I have no idea what years they were in business, but I obtained a box in 2003 that looked fairly new. Haven’t seen a Zero box in years.


Put another way: should I break up a perfectly good 50-rnd box of 70’s Zero remanufactured 38 Special to fill a couple of holes in my 38 Special/38 +P/357 Magnum collection? For example the previously-mentioned Mexican R-P 38 Special.

This company started c. 1966 as a bullet manufacturer located in Michigan, then in 1970 moved to Alabama, and as early as 1980 announced its own line of .38 Special ammunition. At the same time started using two different designations with same address: Zero Bullet Company, Inc. and Zero Ammunition Company, Inc.

This box style is shown in this ad published on september 1983:

I have a 38 Special sample headstamped " ZERO 38 SPL"
Was it made by Zero itself or was the case made by another maker with proprietary hds?

Breaking that box wont affect the value at all, as collectors will either just want a specimen or two, or else the empty box. I suppose the box is the relatively rare item if it is in excellent condition with no writing or stickers since most of these boxes were roughed-up or thrown away, but it’s not terribly rare. When faced with a full box, 90% of the cartridges just become bulk shooting fodder.

Pivi – According to Otto Witt’s guide, the 38 Special with the round-top 3 and spelled out SPECIAL was made by Olin. The ones with the flat-top 3 and SPL were made by Starline.

Just checked all my Zero 38 Special/38+P/357 Magnum and single 9mm Luger and confirm what Otto published. Additionally, my ZERO 38SPL+P is Starline, and the ZERO 357 MAGNUM is Olin. My single ZERO 357 MAG appears to be Starline but with much smaller letters than the ZERO 38SPL or ZERO 38SPL+P. The 9mm Luger case, like Lew’s picture, is Starline. Examples which are nickel-plated are Starline’s ZERO 38SPL and ZERO 38SPL+P, and Olin’s ZERO 357 MAGNUM.