Boy, I sure do miss the Cartridge of the Month entry

Maybe Jason can submit one of his. Mine’s too lame, and I haven’t gotten the nerve up to section one of my Phalanx rounds yet. I’m guessing the Alberta Cutter probably gets tired of doing it all the time. By the way Paul, got my VOMEC updates. Thanks. The check’s in the mail. Yea, that’s the ticket.

And I won’t be offended if this posting gets deleted. Just so you know.

Is VOMEC still available to buy ?

Thank you for the email on the books this morning Paul.


Yes, VOMEC(Variations of Military Experimental Cartridges) is Paul’s unbelievably indepth account of mil ammo. Not sure of the availability. I’d ask him. FYI, it’s 4 volumes, loose-leaf, and as noted in original post, updated yearly.

Next CotM will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay. I’ll try to get ahead of the curve so you (Rick!) don’t suffer any more withdrawl symtoms. Yes, the books are available.

Muchos gracias, Senor Paul!

Just practicing for the inevitable. Don’t know how to put that little dashy thing over the -o- in Senor.

There is no accent over the “O” IN Se

Thanks John. I knew there was some sort of something that was supposed to go in there. Guess I’ll just keep pressing ‘‘1’’.

Maybe Paul will post something on the Buy-Sell-Trade section so people will know how to buy his super reference guide…

The new (NOV) CotM is up! YEEEEAAAAA! Nice work, Paul. Thanks.

Any idea which of the 4 rounds is superior? Can’t imagine any 5.56 being very effective in the anti-armor or even anti-truck role. I’m guessing these are designed more for defeating body armor and such.

Like to show these .303 's to you…