BR Rem Basic & .22 BR Rem Basic

I have 2 NUPE, the one on the left has a ‘special’ neck anneal and the headstamp is R-P (small dash) BR REM and the one on the right has the headstamp R-P (small dash) 22 BR REM. I have been able to find out that they were basic brass made by remington in the 70’s, they have small rifle primer pockets and are like .308 Win brass. They were used to form .22, 6mm and 7mm benchrest ammunition.

I have found the odd mention of the BR REM headstamped case but no mention of the 22 BR REM case.

Which came first the brass the BR REM or the 22 BR REM and why has the BR REM neck have a special anneal and not the other one ?

I have both cases and both of them are annealed

The 22 BR rem is based on a Barnes’ wildcat,itself a shortened 308 Winchester.
Later Remington marketed the special BR empty cases.

Remington only standardized the 22 BR dimensions,this cartridge was developed as a wildcat ( many variations exist)

I understand that the basic BR cases, while .308 Win. length, were drawn from .300 Savage cups. This was to keep the case walls thinner for when the case was shortened and necked down. Why they didn’t bother to just cut and form the proper final case themselves, I don’t know. I suppose it saved them time and tooling costs.


Like Pivi says, both cases have a special anneal for forming.

I have no idea which came first. From the appearances of the boxes I would guess that they were introduced at the same time. Only a guess though because my memory of those days is not that good anymore. The boxes for each are the same externally. I do know from experience that the 22BR cases are not nearly as common as the others and are collectable. The other headstamp is fairly common (I have several full boxes of each).

Just so collectors know, cases can be found with and without flasholes, with both a small and large primer pocket, and a few with no headstamp. These variations are very uncommon.

This little experiment by Remington was one of many boondoggles on their part and cost them the short-range benchrest market. Remington actually made a 6mmBR Benchrest rifle for a short time and since Benchrest shooters are wildcatters and handloaders, Remington, for some reason, thought that shooters would like to make their own brass for the 3 BR cartridges - the 22, 6mm, and 7mm. For a very short period of time a few actually went that route. But as soon as LAPUA 220 Russian brass became available the BR was dead and the 6PPC became king.

Remington saw the error of their ways and finally made a 7mmBR and 6mmBR factory case but it was too late. When the 6mm BR started making waves as a mid and long range Benchrest cartridge LAPUA once again pre-empted them with their outstanding high-quality brass, so even the properly formed and headstamped 6mmBR and 7mmBR brass is popular only with those shooters wanting to save a few bucks on brass. Even that is penny wise and pound foolish because the LAPUA brass lasts a lot longer. Collectors probably should hoard a box or two of Remington brass because I can’t believe it can survive much longer.

LAPUA once again saw a future market when they introduced the 6.5x284 and 6x47 a few years ago. Those two cases are runaway best sellers. Either Remchester has an ignorant marketing staff or they don’t care. Probably both.

Pivi is correct that the BR series is a descendant of the Frank Barnes 308x1.5" wildcat of the 1960’s.


I can’t understand why Lapua marketed also the 6 mm BR rem…( never seen 7 mm BR rem cases made by Lapua )


As far as I know, LAPUA makes only the 6BR cases and ammunition (they are actually 6mm BR NORMA which has a different CIP standard than the 6mm BR REM).

The reason they started making 6BR was to meet the demand by Benchrest shooters. In the late 1990s the 6BR was being used by several shooters at 1000 yard Benchrest but the Rem brass could not stand up to the pounding necessary to get desired velocities. LAPUA stepped in with their brass which is harder and 1000% better quality. Even so, the 6BR sorta came and went at 1000 yards but in 2000, 600 Yard Benchrest was started and that is where the 6BR really shines. After 30 years it finally found its niche.

Even though the straight 6BR is almost ideal, that hasn’t stopped wildcatters from doing their thing on it. You will find all sorts of changes to the case but none have so far resulted in any real improvements.

LAPUA also makes the 6.5mm Grendel (made for Alex A)which is a slightly improved PPC.



I should have a dupe somewhere if you want it
I also have the 6 mm norma and the 6 PPC with Lapua hds


Yes, I’d like to get the LAPUA 6mm BR REM case and a LAPUA 6PPC if you have a dupe. They’re not often seen over here.

We’ll make a swap. I’m picking up an envelope at the Post Office tomorrow. Send me your list.

BTW, I have had people tell me that the REM 22 BR basic case was never made. Until I show them a box of them. ;) ;)


I made a mess,sorry.The only 6 PPC cases I have are Sako-made.
Tomorrow I will look for the 6 BR rem dupe


An understandable mistake. I had heard stories that LAPUA made 6PPC brass for sales in Europe but had never seen any. I thought possibly you had some.

Anyway, I still would like to get the LAPUA 6mm BR REM.


Here is the page from the 1978 Remington Components catalog that tells all about the introduction of the brass for the .22 Rem BR.

More Catalog Information for the introduction dates of the brass and factory loaded Remington Bench Rest rounds:

.22 BR–Introduced in 1978 (First used in a match by Jim Steckl from Remington at the 1977 Eastern Championships). Remington recommended their 52gr. Hollow Point Bench Rest Bullet (#B22948). It is a necked down .308 BR case cut down to 1.520".

.308 BR–Introduced in 1978. A special .308 case with thinner walls specially annealed for case forming.

6mm BR–Brass introduced in 1979. Factory loaded in 1989 with 100gr. Pointed Softpoint Core-Lokt.

7mm BR–Brass introduced in 1980. Factory loaded in 1988 with 140gr. Pointed Softpoint Core-Lokt.

Thanks for the catalog scan! I have a couple of the 22 BR REM cases myself. It sure would be nice to have a box of them! Got any for sale or trade Ray?