Brand Used Works Auction-.45 Myklos?

Some of the identifications for these auctions are a little creative. I Googled the .45 Myklos and didn’t find anything. I think this is just a Dutch Beaumont. Any ideas?

what it looks like to me too

I think that they tried to write “.45 Greek Mylonas”, which would be the 11 mm Mylonas or .43 Greek for the Mylonas M. 1872 and Remington Greek Model rifles (before they adopted the 11 x 59 R Gras cartridge). Another example with the same identification came from the B. R. Lewis state, but it look to me like a 11 mm Beaumont as well.

The original 11 mm Mylonas cartridge as was made in USA is a very controversial cartridge that to my knowledge has not yet been positively identified.