Brass 3.5" x 12" tall Ammo Shell

Hello. I have a question and was looking for some info on these Empty Brass Shells i have.

I have 2 Brass Shells that are about 3.5" Wide x 12" tall. THe 90mm i believe and they read on the bottom…

1942 CF LOT15 25 PR (II) RLB CY12-42 46 2A No 1 II EPJ E80

Does anyone know what these mean? NOt sure if there Canadian or American or if there from World War 2?

Any info will help. DO these hold any value at all?


The 25Pr is UK made by Royal Laboratories Birtley? in 1942. You are quoting the primer details No1 Mk11 filled by Chorley.
I see no details of the 90mm?

Thanks for the info interesting … it doesn’t say anywhere on the shell that it’s 90mm but the person I got it from said it was.

Just not sure of these have any value and if it was used in Ww2

The 25Pr is called 88x 292R in metric which means 88mm mouth inside diameter and 292mm case length. These dimensions should be carefully measured when you send in data for any unknown case. Photos of the case and headstamp help greatly with identification .

Yes those are the exact dimensions of the shell. Ive uploaded a few pics for you guys to see. I wonder if there is anyway to tell if there from the Canadian Army or the American Army.

ive uploaded a few pics of both shells.

On the first case EPJ is E.P. Jenks of Wolverhampton, the manufacturer.
Second case made by ECC - Edward Curran and Co., Cardiff site.
Primer - made by S.H & S. Samuel Heath and Son, Birmingham.


The 25 pounder gun was one of the main field artillery pieces of the British Commonwealth forces in WW2. However, it was seldom, if ever used by U.S. forces.

Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated! I wonder if these are worth any money or have any value besides historical which is obv very important.

Thanks… The person i acquired it from seemed to think it was a Canadian piece… But that may seem very doubtful at this point.

Any idea what these are worth?

At a gun show in the U.S. I would expect to find ones like this priced around $25-50. You may also find them on eBay or and see what people are actually paying by searching completed auctions.

Perfect. I appreciate it. I got a good deal then. I paid $10 each. It’s just Kool to have a nice piece of history.