Brass 7 mm Flobert?


Two days ago I visited the gunsmithing and hunting museum in Ferlach ( Austria) and saw a shotshell display where there were also some Flobert cartridges. Along the various and common brass and paper versions of the 6 mm , 7 mm and 9 mm Flobert’s there was also a brass 7 mm Flobert , identical to the modern brass 9 mm Flobert shotshell made by Fiocchi but obviously with a smaller head / rim diam .It was also slightly shorter than the “single force” 9 mm Flobert version.

I searched here and there on the web and in some old catalogs I have at home, but found no trace of this 7 mm Flobert version

No, since the cartridges were placed on some shelves, I wasn’t able to read the headstamp


I do not have a 7mm flobert shot cartridge with a full length case but I have a few 6mm ones.

6mm floberts shown next to a 9mm


not many compagnies manufactured the 7 mm Flobert.
Furthermore using metal for shot loading is less common;

I have in my files a S&B one : copper tube (and not brass)
hstp : eagle with SB inside (1901, 1913)



Yes, it looked like Aaron’s 9 mm Flobert sample, but obviously smaller.

It is too bad that photos were prohibited in that museum,that should be a very scarce variation.

I will look for the museum e mail address, and ask about its hds