Brass & Metals Co. of Kansas City

Anyone know if this company had a WW1 era contract for .30 and if so,did they ever produce anything prior to the US Gov’t. commandeering their equipment for Western Cartridge ?

See HWS I, page 297.

Also see: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13423&hilit=kansas+city


History of Small-Arms Ammunition, McConaughy, Army Ordnance 1920. Page 28

Discussing B&M’s machinery being converted from .30 to 8mm.This machinery was then commandeered and transferred to Western Cartridge.

So again.…did they make any .30 cal (or where they attempting to) when their equipment was commandeered ?

Ray…HWS vol.I pg 297 doesn’t mention .30 cal.

Scott - The way I read HWS, they did not manufacture any ammunition for the US Govt.


Scott, I think that the paragraph of that book may lead to a different interpretation but I understand the same as you. However, I don’t have any information of cal. .30 cartridges made by B&MMCo, nor even a contract for these later cancelled. Considering how difficult is to research many of the companies who were involved in WWI contracts I would say that is not impossible.

Fede, Thanks for seeing my confusion. Do you have anything else related to B&M ?
I have read the post that Brian referred to above.

Scott, I noted that this book is referenced is HWS I p. 288 as “USA 1920b, 28” so I assume that the understanding was that the phrase “at that time in process of being transferred from caliber .30 to 8 mm” refers to the Western Cartridge Co. and not to B&MMCo.

I’ll try to find more information about this company.