Brass shell casing - 1917

I have a brass shell casing that came from my grandfather’s home in Toronto that has been used as an umbrella stand for at least 50 years. I is 5.5 inches wide at the top (14 cms) and about 28 inches long with a rim. It says “37 /Polte /Magdeburg /Sp406” and Sept 1917. My grandfather was in the Royal Canadian Artillery through most of World War I

Please tell me what I’ve got. It makes a good umbrella stand. Does it have any historical value? My wife want to have it lacquered because my brass polishing is not up to par. Any advice?

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We would need a photo of the headstamp too.

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I asked back to a friend who is pecialized in German pre-1918 ammunition.
He said it is a “13cm Kanone” case.
Your’s as you see was made in 1917 by Polte (in city of Magdeburg).

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I would like to thank EOD (end of data, the last statement in a deck of computer cards) for sharing expertise and making contact with the German ammunition specialist. It seems that only three 13.5 cm kanone remain in existence: one in Wellington NZ and two in Guernsey. New reasons to visit both places.

This was a heavy field gun but with a maximum elevation of 26 degrees, it was not a howitzer.
I have four naive questions:

  1. Has this been fired?
  2. Has it any heritage value for which I should feel any responsibility to maintain it as is?
  3. My wife wants me to have it professionally buffed and lacquered because I do not polish it often enough. Is this a good idea?
  4. What is it likely worth, given is present location in Alberta, Canada?
    Thank you!

Given the priming screw is original then the case was not fired.
I also assume it is empty and does not contain any of the propellant (as you would have noticed that).

I can not speak for the value up in Canada but these cases are not so common in Europe and I assume even less in Canada.

Polishing and laquering cases from the view of research and preservation is not the best thing to do (there is lots of controverse opinions on this I am sure). Also it is not advisable to have such a case standing on a rough floor or tiles as it is damaging the case head (scratches).
Once you want to keep using it as an umbrella stand you may consider putting a thin patch of felt onto the case head (fixing with double-sided non-permanent tape).
You also may try to clean the case (one more and last time) and put on some car wax to prevent it from oxidizing.
Just my opinion.

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