Brass Tulammo 45 Auto

Blundered into a single once-fired Tulammo 45 Auto case today.

It is brass and not magnetic. Had a Fiocchi primer. Interior dead-ringer for Speer, but base was flat unlike Speer which is slightly concave.

Tula’s new Brass Maxx is being produced in 380 Auto, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP and .223 Rem (that I know of). Boxes are marked “Made in Italy” and are being sold by many Walmart stores here in the states.

Leon - if you see any of this brass-max ammunition, I would go for a box for any auto pistol caliber, on the usual arrangement I offer you. Just like with Bass and Cabela, we have no Walmart close to us, at least not that I know of.

Follow-up on the new Tulammo Brass Maxx.

This brass cased ammo appeared on the market early this year and was packaged in 50 round boxes marked “Made in Italy” (presumably by Fiocchi?).

We now see 9mm Brass Maxx packaged in plastic cans of 100 rounds (see link below) and they are marked on the lid and side of the can “Made in Boznia and Herzegovina”.From photos that I’ve seen it looks like the bullet uses a brass colored GM jacket and not a copper colored jacket.

Any guesses what factory may be producing this ammo from either Boznia or Herzegovina?

In BiH it would be Pobieda in Gorazde.

Leon, I missed both of these loads, Italian and B-H. Were both headstamped Tulammo?


[quote=“Lew”]Leon, I missed both of these loads, Italian and B-H. Were both headstamped Tulammo?


Both 9mm loads have the same headstamp like pictured above in dArtagnan’s post.

If one was made by PG and the other by Fiocchi, I’d bet there are at least small differences in the letter style. John Moss taught me to look for these long ago. If they are truly the same, then perhaps Tulammo provided both manufacturers with the headstamp bunters/hobs.

Thanks for the info Leon.


Alex et all, in my opinion these were made by Igman, also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To my knowledge this caliber has ever been made by Pobjeda; am I wrong?

Fede, right you are, how could I forget Igman??? I was lost in about 1700 ammo related images I have to evaluate by tomorrow…

How about Tulammo supplying only the cases (being so inexpensive?) to those who are loading and selling them as their own brand? Just a thought.

9mmP are known with PG headstamps although I don’t have one. The headstamp and a box label are illustrated below. About 5 years ago, I located a box of these cartridges in a gun store in B-H and a guy who could and would buy them for me, but never could figure out how to get them out of the country! So today, all I have is the photos.


Lew, thanks a lot for these pictures. Guess I should check first next time, as I also have pictures of a rounds headstamped PG 9 mm and a note mentioning it was listed in their website about three years ago.

It turns out “Cheaper Than Dirt” can’t fill my order for the 9mm Tulammo Maxx brass case in the 100rd pack made in Bosnia. They held the order for a couple of weeks before I found out.

I haven’t been able to find anyone else who has a pack for sale. Does anyone on the Forum know of a source where I could order a 100rd pack? I don’t even care if it is full, or even less than half full or even almost empty.

Help appreciated.


That’s becoming a huge problem for collectors. These imported cartridge lots, and even some domestically made, appear on the market and are gone ten minutes later, before any collector knows it exists. I managed to get the Bosnian version of the 9 mm, the only caliber I know of that they made for Tulammo, although there may be more. But, I did not get one single specimen of any of the Fiocchi auto pistol calibers with Tulammo headstamp. For an auto pistol cartridge collector, that is just about a disaster. In my own case, it is compounded dozens of times with other loads that have come in. In true California fashion, the gun shops are disappearing one by one - the four best ones for me for ammo are now gone, including the one I worked for. It is a shame and all caused by the stupid hoarding of the “boy commando” set among shooters.

At the local gun show yesterday, one seller had quite a few 100 round cans of the Tulammo Maxx 9mm - $45/can. So they must be around.

Many thanks guys! Fede came through for me with a site and I placed an order.


Thanks to help from some friends, I now have a comparison of the Fiocchi (on left) and Pobieda, Gorazde (on right) headstamps. The differences are easier to see on this photo than they are just looking at the headstamps-at least with my eyes. The size of the letters is somewhat smaller on the PG load, and the shape of the “9” is visable in a side-by-side comparison. The biggest difference is the color of the case finish. The grainy finish on the PG hst wasn’t particularly noticeable to me.

At a glance, I probably would not have seen the differences without a side-by-side comparison.


Lew, the letter “a” is very different in both.

So not all cases are made in Russia?

Lew, thanks a lot for sharing this information, I was curious about their difference since this thread was started.

EOD - I don’t think we have any indication that ANY of the brass cases with Tulammo headstamps, at least in 9 mm Para, are made in Russia. One group sold in the USA appears to be made by Fiocchi and the others in Bosnia-Herzogovina.

Lew - are we certain the Bosnian rounds are from Pobeda? I would have thought that Igman was a better bet. I know both companies have made the 9 mm para ammunition. I am just basing it on the length of time and amount of ammo in this caliber each seems to have made. I would guess Igman has made it longer and in much higher quantity. No documentation for that - just observation.

Is there a way to tell from the 100-round cans which factory made it?